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The distant islands of Cape Verde, which form the Cape Verdian Archipelago, were first discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th Century, and since then, settlors started trickling in. These beautiful islands are situated in Atlantic Ocean, off the West Coast of Africa. Forming the most westerly point of  the African continent,  the Cape Verde islands offer picturesque mountain scenery, along with pristine unspoilt beaches, that offer magnificent opportunities to indulge in some aquatic fun.

Each island in Cape Verde is distinct from the others and has some special attraction for the visitors. Whereas Santiago is lush green and vibrant, Sao Nicolau is quite volcanic in nature, Boa Vista is a boon for diving lovers, Sao Vicente is better known for its lively Carnival, and the traditional festival lovers will relish  the “Baia das Gatas” Festival, full of music and late night revelry. All  the islands reflect an eclectic blend of African and European culture, lifestyle, and food, in particular.Though few and far between, many of the buildings in the Cape Verdian Islands reflect the craftsmanship and thoughts of Portuguese architects.The population of Cape Verde is in excess of 482 000 people.

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